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Spagnuolo Named Defensive Coordinator

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

The Giants named former Eagle assistant Mike Spagnuolo defensive coordinator, replacing the fired Tim Lewis.  Spagnuolo coached the LB’s the last two years, and before that was in charge of the Eagles’ secondary.  I’ve always liked the style of the Eagles’ defense, very aggressive and blitz-oriented (note: I never agreed with their philosophy on building a defense, totally ignoring the LB position and loading up on DL’s and DB’s).  Is this a good move? Time will only tell. I just hope they are more imaginative on defense and become more of an attack defense.  Remember last pre-season how everyone was pumped about the defense throwing different “schemes” at opposing offenses, with all our talent up front?  It never happened, even before the injury bug hit.

Parcells Retires

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Very surprising, I am really taken back that Bill Parcells is hanging it up.  I never thought he would go out on such a down note, losing that playoff game to the Seahawks as they did.  But he knows himself better than anyone, and going thru another soap opera type year with the Cowpokes (JJ, TO, etc.) was just going to be too mentally and physically exhausting. I’ll miss him because unlike most coaches today, he was honest and entertaining. Oh those press conferences!!  I don’t even care he coached one of our division rivals. No doubt, he is my favorite coach of all time and commanded the G-Men during, what for me, were the glory years (1983-1990).  The question is have we seen the last of him??