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Shockey Sent Marching Out

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Before the draft, rumors were rampant about Shockey going to the Saints, and today it finally came to fruition. Just days before the opening of camp, the Giants cleared the air and get a #2 and #5 from the Saints in next year’s draft for the disgruntled tight end.  Back in April, I discussed the reasons for not doing it. However, during the OTA’s, in which Shockey was present but wasn’t seen anywhere near the field (he was supposedly rehabbing), there was quite a bit of uneasiness when the tight end’s name was brought up, and an apparent shouting match between Jerry Reese and Shockey could have been the final straw.  Whether it ever happened (or to what degree) we’ll never know, but that could have been the clincher which ended this saga.

In the end, the Giants did the right thing. While the prospects of having Kevin Boss and Shockey in double sets is very appealing, it doesn’t really work if one of them isn’t on the same page as everyone else.  And if Shockey was going to be this huge distraction during camp (with a press egging him on too), it really was the last thing the defending champs needed. Shockey was the last remaining player in that offensive huddle that looked through Eli. Now with both Tiki and Shock gone, everyone looks to the QB, not beyond him.

To steal a line from BBI, in which one of their loyal members posted: “I love Shockey, but I love Superbowls more.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

As The Favre Turns

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Told ya’ we hadn’t seen the last of him. Brett Favre wants to return to the NFL and not necessarily with the Packers, as he apparently has asked for his unconditional release. My initial thoughts on this latest desire to return is there is some conflict between Favre and the front office/coaching staff. Why retire, then back the Packers into a corner by wanting to come back at such a late date?  It seems pretty clear to me he is trying to flee Green Bay, and what validates my assumption is that we now know Favre talked to the Packers a few months ago about coming back, and the team was all for it. Then Favre changed his mind again. Now at this point of the NFL calendar, he has no choice but to commit to coming back and the Packers aren’t budging. This latest bid to return has simply ticked off the Packer organization, as they have made a commitment to Aaron Rodgers. So the team told Favre they will not grant him a release, but he is welcome to join the Packers as a backup and compete for the job.

I believe the Packers have handled this perfectly, so far. Favre is under contract with the team. Why release him and let another team (such as division rivals Chicago or Minnesota) reap the potential benefits? Do I think Rodgers starting and Favre as the backup can work in Green Bay? No way, not in that combination. Most everyone sees Favre winning that battle.  A trade of Favre would make GM Ted Thompson public enemy number one, and would the team even get equal value for a player his age and squawking to get out?  Favre has put the organization in quite a pickle. Very interesting times in Green Bay, eh?