Start The Sheridan Countdown

Talk about disappointment. I was leery going into this one and my instincts proved to be correct. How in the world do you give up 45 points at home in your biggest game of the season? And what make it even more frustrating is the Giants’ offensive game plan was spot on. They ran, passed, and blocked probably as well as they have all year. But all for naught. Thirty eight points just flushed down the drain. The Giants were the best offensive team on the football field last night, rolling up over 500 yards and owning possession time by over 10 minutes. Eli Manning played just how you want your QB to in a big game.

I can’t believe I actually paid Bill Sheridan a compliment last week. This guy needs to go. I understand Coughlin can’t fire him in-season at this point, but I’ve seen about all I can take. Sure, make the case that 14 points were not the responsibility of the defense last night, but look at how and when they gave up points:

  • Opening drive: You should want your defense on the field at home to start a big game, with the crowd behind you. Eagles go right down the field for a 7-0 lead.
  • Right before the half: After the offense battles back to within seven, the Eagles score another TD in just over a minute to regain a 13 point lead.
  • Third quarter: After the Giant offense (again!) manages two scores to take their first lead of the night, it takes exactly two plays (a kickoff and subsequent bomb) for the Eagles to get the lead right back.
  • Fourth quarter: Pinned on their own nine yard line and with a lead of six, the Eagles go all the way down the field to put the game away. There is not one third down conversion needed in the entire drive.

Four situations, four failures. This defense should not be this bad. The Giants in no way can bring back Sheridan next year. I’ve heard multiple analysts talk about how confused the this defense looks. That’s directly attributal to the coordinator.

So, it’s back to scratching and clawing. Two more wins…maybe. But I see Dallas winning just one more to be honest, and the Giants have the tiebreaker. But in the big scheme of things, what’s the use? A third meeting with Philly or a date with Arizona, either of them on the road.

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