Ambush in DC

Monday Night was the first time in awhile that I sat down and without any trepidation watch the Giants. With this rollercoaster of a season, I just was ready to view it and not get emotionally attached. And wouldn’t you know it, the Giants played just a terrific football game that had me smiling at the end of the evening.

They jumped all over the Redskins, with an opening eight minute, Parcell-ian drive that featured a great mix of run and pass. Particularly of interest were those little “bubble screens” to Ahmad Bradshaw. I’ve been clamoring for the short passing game, particularly to the backs, and it has been better this season. But this was a perfect example of how you get your quarterback into the game with safe, easy, and effective tosses. It then sets up your downfield passing, and Eli Manning had another splendid game on his way to his best statistical season. Kudos to Kilbride.

Now I’m not going to salute Mr. Bill Sheridan. Yes the Giants looked more active on defense, but they were playing against a depleted offensive line. Which further extenuates the point I have been making all season. A pass rush cures all ills. Even with Corey Webster and Aaron Ross out, pressuring the QB is a defense’s best friend. Still, there were those occasions when the Giants were running around like Keystone cops on defense, allowing a few big plays on screens and misdirections.

Admittedly, I was quite surprised at the final 45-12 score. I figured the Giants to win a squeaker. While the Redskins didn’t play well, I think credit should go to the Giants for making them quit by taking complete control of the game early, and often.

The only thing that ruined this win, and put a big damper on the playoffs, was Dallas’ surprising upset of the Saints. But should it really be considered that much of a shocker? Consider, these same Redskins had the Saints dead to rights two weeks ago. The depleted Falcons also battled the Saints after that, only to lose a close game. New Orleans was simply due. The Cowboys are that rare team that can rush four, and play seven deep in coverage. That’s how you beat a team such as the Saints. I had predicted only one more win for the Pokes, but that win could springboard their season. They have the Skins next in Washington, and considering what happened Monday night it’s hard to make a case for them not being victorious. Dallas knows a win in Washington gives them a point blank shot at the NFC East come Week 17. That’s motivation.

Looks like the Giants will have to win out, and with Minnesota suddenly being threatened for the number two seed, that doesn’t seem probable. Let’s take care of Carolina first, then sit back and watch some Sunday Night Football.

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